Blessings of Tukaram Maharaj

With the blessings of Santh Tukaram Maharaj we started our journey of golden Bharat.

Clean Odisha Mission

To Change the dirty picture of Odisha

Gaushala Instead of Pigs

Motivating pig owners to keep cows instead of pigs

Bio Gas Plant

To avoid the use of Petrol and LPG we planning to produce Gobar Gas in everyone’s home.

Medicine Research Center

Establishing Ayurvedic Cow Research and health center to provide good health

Organic Farming

Bio Agriculture for healthy and wealthy agricultural products.

Healthy Milk Products

Promotion of Milk & Other Cow Products

Entrepreneurship Consultancy

Entrepreneurship Consultancy Program for industry development in rural India.

Aandolan for Human Rights.

Peaceful Jan-Aandolan for Right to Recall and Swadeshi.

Contact Information

First floor, Lilkisan Niwas,
Sindurgoura, Shyamakhunta,
Mayurbhanj, Odisha-757049
Mob: +91 9225510007

Mission and Vision

Clean Odisha Mission: A clean and clear Odisha where there is not any dirty picture of Pig. Where there is toilets in everyone’s home.

Swadeshi Bharat Vision: A country where there is not any Videshi company and all loves to use Swadeshi Products