Our Activities


We Supported Anna's Jan Lokpal Bill
We joined with Anna for Janlokpal Bill. After a long time the government surrender with this jan-aandolan. And both in loksabha and rajyasabha janlokpal bill was passed by both ruling and opposition parties. After this success, we believe that Government don’t have more power then the Jan-aandolan. So, we also going to make jan-aandolon for Right to Recall and Swadeshi. You can help us by joining in our movements.


Entrepreneurship Consultancy in Chalishgaon.
We believe that the rural India cannot be improved without small scale industries. So, that we are promoting and motivating the peoples of rural India to open small scale industries in every village area. We arranged a camp at Chalishgaon (North Maharashtra) to give consultancy for entrepreneurship to make small group and individually owned industries. By promoting entrepreneurship we can enrich our rural India. To take part in our Entrepreneurship Consultancy Program you can join us for the development of rural India.


Clean Odisha Mission
We supported Prime minister Narendra Modi’s Clean India Movement to fulfill the vision of Mahatma Gandhi. So, we also started the Clean Odisha Mission in our local area. You can join us to clean India.

Contact Information

First floor, Lilkisan Niwas,
Sindurgoura, Shyamakhunta
Mayurbhanj, Odisha-757049
Mob: +91 9225510007
E-mail-1: info@pathpradarshak.in
E-mail-2: pathpradarshak.in@gmail.com

Mission and Vision

Clean Odisha Mission: A clean and clear Odisha where there is not any dirty picture of Pig. Where there is toilets in everyone’s home.

Swadeshi Bharat Vision: A country where there is not any Videshi company and all loves to use Swadeshi Products