Swadeshi Bharat Vision:
Swadeshi means the use of products which are manufactured by Indian companies, Accept the technology which are not violet ancient Indian culture, Education system, language, and the Religions of India. We encourage people to use the products, which are not only made in India but also manufactured by Indian companies. Friends, today numbers of companies are manufacturing products in India. But all are not Indian company. We have to promote Indian companies, because they protect us from the snatching of Indian currencies by foreign companies. If a foreign company gain profit, then it take the profit to foreign, but Indian company retain the profit in India and they participate in the growth of India. Find the difference between swadeshi company and videshi company. Don’t buy any product by showing only made in India, see also about the company.

Right to Recall

Power to Elect and Power to Reject.
We the people of India have the right to elect a candidate who can well serve us for the goodness of our country. But the question is while we can elect a person, then why not we reject a person? We are living in a democratic country. So, we should have the power to reject a candidate if he does any bad thing for the country. Now a days, if any candidate take the power and position in the government, then he or she will also enjoying that for 5years. During that period if he/she does any bad thing for the country then we should have the power to reject him/her from the position. We the people of India have successfully passed the bills like Right to Information and Janlokpal. Its time to make a janandolan for Right to Recall.
Right to Recall according to Chandra Bose(Nephew of Subas Chandra Bose) Play:

BIO Agriculture

Gomaye Vasate Lakshmi
In Sanskrit, there is a sloka: “Gomaye Vasate Lakshmi”, it’s meaning is cow dung is the source of wealth. If we put it in our firm then it returns us the good quality of food. Now a days the demand of bio agricultural products is very high. If we produce bio agricultural products then it will be sold at a good price. Presently we are using chemical pesticides to produce more agricultural products. But the fertility of the soil is decreasing day by day because of the chemicals, also decreasing the productivity of the firm. So, by using chemical fertilizers we are investing more to the agriculture, but the return is decreasing day by day. At last the farmer suicides to avoid financial problem. So, we have to promote Bio Agriculture for healthy and wealthy agricultural products.
"Jaivik Ksheti" A Speech by Rajiv Dixit Ji:

Clean Odisha Mission

To Change the dirty picture of Odisha
Today our road side is famous for it’s dirty picture of 1-Pigs playing with drain water, 2-Plastics, polythene and other waste materials thrown on open earth, 3-Inadequate public toilets for poor peoples, 4-People faces health problem due to harmful polluted environment, 5- Some people sleep here and there with drinking wine etc. To solve all these problems we are working in “Clean Odisha Mission”. Here we are planning to replace Pigs by Cows. So, we are 1-Motivating pig owners to keep cows instead of pigs. 2- Planning to put dustbins in every 100 meters of roads. 3-Increasing Public Toilets for poor peoples. 4- Establishing Ayurvedic Cow Research and health center to provide good health for poor people with reasonable price. 5-Nasha Mukti Abhiyan to provide a wine free society.

Yoga & Ayurveda

Health and spirituality:
From our childhood we know that Health is wealth. Before few years an Organization of our country named “Prajapita Bramha Kumari” of Mount Abu claims to WHO that the Definition of health is not complete without Spirituality And also WHO agreed that. So, Health with spirituality is needed for a good life. We are promoting Yoga and Ayurveda for good health. We are introducing yoga classes in societies, schools, colleges etc. Also we are promoting ayurveda by health awareness camps in rural India. We are planning to introduce Cow Medicine research center in every village for ayurvedic treatment in reasonable price in rural India. Cow therapy is one of the low cost treatment process in India. We have to promote the cow therapy more and more. So that everyone in India will get a good health with reasonable price.


To make India into a Golden Bird:
Friends, if we look back to the past record of India, then we can find that in past it was a golden bharat. In past every Indian villages having a lots of industries to manufacture Steel, Textile, Ice, Sheep, Spice etc. After manufacturing and fulfilling the need of India, those finished goods were exported to foreign with exchange of gold. So, at that time India was a golden bird with full of Gold. In present the 70% of our population are in village area. But they are income less and depend on monsoon agriculture. So, we are providing consultancy of entrepreneurship for small scale industries in village area. We also providing consultancy for organic farming for profitable and healthy agricultural products. We believe that if rural India becomes the production hub, then we can make India again into a golden bird.

Contact Information

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Sindurgoura, Shyamakhunta
Mayurbhanj, Odisha-757049
Mob: +91 9225510007
E-mail-1: info@pathpradarshak.in
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Mission and Vision

Clean Odisha Mission: A clean and clear Odisha where there is not any dirty picture of Pig. Where there is toilets in everyone’s home.

Swadeshi Bharat Vision: A country where there is not any Videshi company and all loves to use Swadeshi Products